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Baby care workshops

Learn, connect and grow together with Kids Actually

Parenting and nanny training courses

Discover the power of community and connect through shared experiences. Kids Actually offers hands-on learning experience with emotional support for you or your maid in Singapore. Connect with other parents and join their group sessions today! Our premium subscribers get a discount!
About Ministry of helpers
About Ministry of helpers

Baby care workshop for helpers

Experience peace of mind with our exclusive program crafted to deliver hands-on training for domestic helpers entrusted with the care of babies. Trust that your little one will be in capable hands even when you're away.

Parenting workshops to help you GROW

About Ministry of helpers

Mommy Circle - a Mini & Me Class

Discover your village at Mommy Circle! Join them for two hours and connect with mothers on a similar journey. Share experiences, joys, and questions to find support and comfort in our community.
About Ministry of helpers

Baby-led weaning workshop

The Baby-led weaning workshop is designed to guide you through every step of the process, from understanding the basics of this approach to learning how to create nutritious and delicious meals for your baby.
About Ministry of helpers

Fourth trimester workshops (3 modules)

Module 1: Breastfeeding, attachment parenting and baby product
Module 2: Formula feeding, baby hygiene and diapering
Module 3: Sleep, babywearing, movement development and safety