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Better Connections Make Better Homes
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Ministry of Helpers is the go-to platform for Singapore employers and domestic helpers to connect and develop the perfect working relationship.

Introducing the Ministry of Helpers

Whether you are a helper or an employer, see how Ministry of Helpers can help you.

We empower both employers and foreign domestic workers with tools and advice to facilitate the maid hiring process, ongoing helper management and personal growth.

About Ministry of helpers

Find the best Match

Better relationships make better homes

Finding the right helper/employer doesn’t have to be difficult and shouldn't cost you money. We’ll help match you with the right helper/employer free of charge and guide you along the maid hiring process.

Household Management tools

Better clarity makes better homes

Use our free helper household task scheduler to plan your helper's daily schedule and timetable. Plan in the household chores/tasks required and prioritise or plan daily weekly monthly tasks. Simply share the daily planner with your helper to help her best organise her time.

Grow with our trainings for Employers and Helpers

We've partnered with Step Up to bring you training videos from household chores to personal management.

About Ministry of helpers

Manage Your Finance

Better clarity makes better homes

LUCY by MOH financially empowers employers, households and domestic helpers in Singapore.

Improve the management of finances in your household and get 2 free debit cards. One for household expenses that you share with your helper and one for your helper’s personal banking use.

Got a question?

Be updated with news, queries and jobs

Our forum is a group discussion page for all employers and helpers to chat, ask questions, and get advice on all helper and domestic work-related topics.

Employer in Ministry of helpers

Want to find out more?

We are here to support both helpers and employers all the way through the hiring process from matching and guidelines for paperwork to ongoing tips and tools to get most out of the relationship.